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Colin the Cat rescued from the Regal Bingo Hall Bacup

BE Boys Maintenance Called To Rescue Missing Moggie.

Sometime we get our fair share of rain in Rossendale and it is often said its raining “Cats and Dogs”. So when we received a call that Colin the Cat has gone missing and he was up on the roof at the Regal Bacup we definitely didn’t want the old saying to come true! Tony Leigh our Property Maintenance Man was diverted to rescue the cat.

The Regal Bingo Hall in Bacup opened in 1930 as a cinema and then closed to be re-opened in 1958 as a Bingo Hall. The property then remained derelict for many years and with the roof suffering prolonged damage due to the elements and vandalism. Colin the Cat saw an opening and soon found himself on the roof of the Regal. However despite getting up there he couldn’t then find his way out.

The worried owner phone BE Boys after Colins’ Crys could be heard outside….no doubt hungry and a little frightened!

Thankfully once the doors were opened and Colin the Cat could see the Maintenance Man was brandishing a tin of tuna he soon found a way out!

BE Boys have units to rent in Bacup and in other parts of Rossendale. The Regal Cinema is next to a number of shops that the Company have to rent.

The newly reunited Owner and Cat have since sent the Company a lovely thank you letter – so we thought we’d post a small article for Colin.

Regal Cinema Bacup adjacent Market St Shops to Rent.




Regal Cinema Bacup thank you letter.