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Norris Bank Primary School, Stockport sing Boys praises

Norris Bank Primary School “impressed” by the Boys as school extension handed over ahead of time.

Brian Hoy, the Chairperson for Norris Bank Primary School has written a much appreciated letter of recognition for the quality and effectiveness of the B & E Boys construction team. The duo Neil Conlon who is the Construction Director for B & E Boys along with Steve  Chorlton, Site Manager not only completed the design and build scheme ahead of programme but delivered an almost flawless school extension.

Below is an extract from Brian Hoy’s letter.

“I’d also like to formally record our appreciation of the work undertaken by BE Boys Ltd in actually constructing the extension.  I personally went to the first site meeting and was impressed by their approach.  Throughout the construction period they have acted extremely professionally and worked exceeding well with the school.  We are very pleased with the quality of the work undertaken and the low number of snags identified is testimony to the good job they have completed.  Managing a construction site

in the middle of a ‘live’ schools is not the easiest of tasks and I’d like to recognize the contribution that Steve Chorlton, The BE Boys Site Manager played in delivering a quality output, ahead of schedule and having minimized the disruption to the school.  We found that Boys were very co-operative and considerate of the schools needs.  Requests from the school were taken on board and the attitude that no job was too much trouble helped create an extremely positive atmosphere during the construction phase. ”

Peter Boys, Director at B & E Boys said “Neil and Steve’s approach to construction projects continues to provide work in these tough times. Not only was the work completed to a high standard and ahead of time in an occupied school building but it was done safely”